Tokens are the primary in-game currency used at MineYourMind. Tokens can get you things such as claimblocks, MyMs or chunk loader tickets.


Tokens are obtained by voting for MineYourMind on various voting sites here.

You can only vote on each website once a day and each vote is 10 tokens. If any vote site links are broken on the vote page, please report them either on our Discord, in-game ticket or a forum post.

Top voters are rewarded weekly! You can use the in-game command /vote stats to see your progress.

How many tokens do I have?

Type /vote show to in-game, and a message will show up in chat letting you know how many tokens you have. Additionally, there is a scrolling message in chat that tells the same.

Tokens are not showing up!

Run /vote forceupdate and your token count should update. If the token count does not update after thirty minutes, please let staff know via Discord, an in-game ticket, or the Forums.

Working the shop

Typing either the /shop or /menu commands will open this GUI:


Click on the emerald to be able to switch over to tokens:


This is the token menu:


What to spend tokens on

  1. Golden Shovel: Redeem tokens for Claimblocks → 1 token = 10 Claim blocks
  2. Book & Quill: Redeem tokens for MyM's (Market Currency) → 1 token = 10 MyM's
  3. Iron Block: Redeem tokens for tickets (Chunk Loader Currency) → 1 token = 10,000 tickets

Hovering over each icon will give a description

After clicking on an item, the GUI will close and you must type the amount of tokens that you wish to redeem, or cancel to cancel.